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Brother Jake’s Brick Oven Creations is named after Jacob, our son and brother who went home to be with his Lord on September 14, 2016. Through Brother Jake’s, we hope to honor Jacob and his heart, as he truly was an inspiration to many people.

Jake’s dream was to have a family business where we could all work together and serve others. In 2015, we started two family businesses in Myrtle Beach. Jake and his brother Luke each managed one of the businesses. Jake loved people and he took advantage of every opportunity to help someone in need.

They each hired several people who were in need. Jake hired Josh, a mentally disabled young man who was on disability and unable to work. Jake gave him an employee t-shirt and odd jobs to do at the store. He would occasionally give him $20, sometimes out of his own pocket along with sodas and candy. Every day Josh would come to the store with a huge smile on his face always reppin’ his t-shirt with pride! Josh often said that Jake was his best friend.

Ernie was a homeless guy who struggled to find a job because he had no way to get to and from work. Not only did Jake and Luke hire him to work at the stores but they allowed him to move into their home so he could ride with them to work.

Henry needed a job but didn’t have any way to get to work so Luke lent his bike to Henry to use it for the summer so he could work. I’m sure if there was room in the house, they would have taken Henry in too!

So many of Jake’s friends tell us how he was always there when no one else was, even if it was just to listen. Many have told us how different their lives would be if they hadn’t met Jake.

We tell you this story to honor Jake and his caring heart.

The best way we can honor him, is to start a new chapter of our lives framed on inspiring others, chasing dreams, and lending a helping hand like Jake did.

Jacob loved the Lord and he was not ashamed to tell everyone about his faith. We give God glory for allowing us to live out Jake’s dream, and for blessing us with such an amazing, inspiring son and brother. We miss him dearly and look forward to the day when we can be reunited with him and he can introduce us to Jesus and all the great saints in eternity.